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  1. Not doubting you but sounds very related to Tolkien. Do you think that Tolkien might have known something about this?
  2. A place for Mediakin/Fictionkin would be nice to see here. The one on Therian Guide isnt very active. It would be nice to have some conversation here. I have a bit to talk about already.
  3. Sabrina, I believe it was you that were the original admin of that group and I took over since you left and now it is awaiting yet another admin. Nice making your acquaintance yet again.
  4. I have a question, as I see many self identified of this demonic sort, I dont find gender fluidity or having more than one gender identity being more common. Its curious. Perhaps I have been misinformed about the species in general, and I know kintype and gender do not dictate eachother. Isnt it just one type of Demon that changes Sexs given two separate names based on the sexual form it takes?
  5. I consider myself a Daemonkin, for the Djinn have the explination that fits the feature. For a long time I had no idea what I was, but eventually everything was made clear. I recognize my origins as one of the Se'irim of Azazel Judaically, Islamically, I know myself of free will, as Djinn have been borne as such, I am more a neutral-chaotic entity.
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. I think TimeisIndustry is a more appropriate username please :)
  8. I was wondering if it were alright to be able to change my name please. I joined this group a while ago and forgot I was a member. My current name doesn't fit well as I made it on the spot.
  9. I Identify myself as a form of Djinn. And have researched the topic of Djinn very extensively
  10. I was a long time host for the only Elenari Kin group on Facebook. You may still be able to find it. I have since permanently left Facebook, and have not elected a new admin. If you are able to message a member or two there, you might be able to get in. I recommend Vaerynn Daussa. I feel as a spiritual being I am able to see into worlds and travel multidimensionally, perhaps connect to elven folk easier about some things. Your perspective on there being no elves with horns confirms my suspicion. I have read up in all that I could about Elenari, and can envision what I have read, but that is as far as I am willing to go anymore since others such as yourself are more able to approve of Sel'ar.
  11. It's all confusing and upon meditation last night and deep focus now, I still feel this pull toward the being Se'irim or Djinn. There is much information to look into but the Djinn arent unlike humans in terms of how they function by societal rules, beliefs and language, Se'irim are wild Goat-men but more a feral creature than an intelligent one. What do Phooka and Djinn have in common? They both take other forms. Talk and confuse the living daylights out of people. Haha I'm sure confused with myself, last night I was so sure but I'll spend more time on the subject
  12. Despite my username (I cant change it?) I have come to the recent conclusion that my horned kintype, and the many polymorphous cameo activity associated with it are not indeed what i previously thought to be as Dark Elven or even Elenari. For years I have functioned and identified as Draestari darker features, white hair, Even have hosted a group as such. I thought myself possibly related to the Kalthilas Elenari because of my Kintypes appearance, yet nothing for sure indicates that grouping of elves had any horns or antlers save for adornments. I thought myself possibly a form of Kirin-unicorn that functioned on Sel'ar, but as the years row on, and my interaction with multi-dimensional Unicorns came to light, no extraterrestrial association seemed to comfortably settle within me. I am a dark being, but not necessarily bad, and definitely of this Earth. I have found comfort in the realm of the Fae and Celtic mythos revolving around, enough that I hold my belief in that area above most. Though I do have some recent ancestry from that area, I cannot for sure make any sense of my Kintype having any attachment to the likes. The Elenari, I have felt since some research, are very alike to Sirian Elves, if not one in the same some how, and are definitely Starseed with some being Lightworkers. I have recently read into sources that bring me nearly skeptic on why Elenari aren't classified as Fictionkin, The Sun, Moon, Drow, and Wild Elves of Dungeons and Dragons can all line up with what some claim to be memories of their Elenari lives. Why I am not a Kirin or a Unicorn, Kirin originally are only found in Asian mythology, they include a specific role beneath the deities are are more ethreal than physical with the world beneath. The Kirin choose rulers, they do not step upon grass rather harmlessly tread above it. They consume no other creature. I have a mischievous nature, but also a free one, I naturally am vampiric and both physical and spiritual, to me i weigh upon the ground walked. Just because Kirin exist in Asian myth, doesn't mean it is only limited to such. One more Observation about previous claimed kintypes of mine, This include Demonkin (Se'irim) and Djinn. I have only traced history and made clear through time and place what I could be. the Se'irim are a form of wild goat demons found outside Jerusalem in the wild lands, and the Djinn, arent unlike the Fae, some call the the Fae of the Middle East. Djinn can take different forms, but have a a common trait when it comes to the darker Shayateen class, this include the Goat-man Satyr-like appearance (Who is to say there isn't any culture overlap and Djinn are a form of Fae), one commonly associated with any demon biblically since the Satyr and Faun of Greco-Roman myth were demonized as Pagan subjects. So out of all my late night rambling, Why not just a Goat-man, or just a Unicorn of horse, or a wolf or rabbit, or even a Vampire that can change into a red eyed wolf? I have had shifts of all of those things in polymorph fashion for as long as I can remember, I just count the equine, canine, and lapin all as cameos when really they were already another form of me manifesting itself for an odd reason. I have been aware of my Kintype having eyecolor changing and that it is capable of human speech and interacting in any way it pleases with humans. What I would love to know is if this kintype is in anyway connected to the Unseelie court, or if it is truly a Wild Fae. Things are finally starting to add up. Thanks for the confusing and lengthy read. I am exhausted, but don't mind continuing about the subject.