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  1. My time hasn't happened yet. I'm waiting to see if this whole "ascension"/"raising the vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness" thing pans out. And trying to help hasten things along in whatever way I can in the meantime.
  2. "Feed your head."
  3. Sorry, to clarify, I did spend a long time making a very well thought out post to reply to your thread, but I guess it was too evil to allow to be seen. This place just loves censorship, and that's a good sign that it's a cult dude.

  4. I think they don't allow me to post on here. They aren't man enough to outright ban me for being a heretic though. The thing about the PMing me, also probably because they don't want people to here my heretical ideas. This place is full of selfish, dishonest, and cowardly people. I really would like to be a bit more in contact with you, but it cannot be on here. Also, Pat Condell is one of my favourite free speech and common sense advocates. I still prefer watching Nigel Farage ca...

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      You can email me at

  5. *Hands out the first round of plates and nods to Rhannan* "Yeah, I can do that." *The frying pans already hot from the previous dishes it takes only a few moments to do eggs over easy, singe, flip, done, slides them onto a plate and sets them where Rhannan was sitting. Fills the rest of the orders, then proceeds to get out of the way of the stove and sits down to enjoy the coffee.* As to the question what's everyone been up to, I've been preoccupied a lot lately with renovating and redecorating my little corner of the castle. (Translation: Doing a lot of home improvement work irl.)
  6. *Notes the requests with a gracious nod to each and readies a trio of frying pans before rooting through the available ingredients to find the necessary components and gets started, handling the cooking with the deftness of a juggler and a dramatic exaggerated flair to its gestures attempting to make for an entertaining performance.* (Yeah, I've had a lot of issues with that too. In a lot of ways it's still a process, but I've spent a lot of time looking at the things that change and the things that stay the same, and examining the reasons and internal motivations for why certain things change and stay the same, and even most of the things that change are related to a drive to learn, grow, improve, and evolve, which is something that's stayed the same. It's like gravity. Gravity itself is constant and reliable. But what is gravity? Gravity is built on motion, the rotation of the planets and their orbit around the sun and the sun's orbit around the galaxy, which by it's nature is always changing, though it goes through certain repeating patterns, which allows us some measure of ability to predict the motion and put it in a context we can understand.)
  7. *The shadowy figure enters the kitchen taking the approximate shape of a human in a full length black hooded cloak. A pair of arm-like tendrils though absent of distinctive joints protrude from the sides as it goes about readying a cup and pouring coffee. Finally a number long spindly fingers emanate from the tips of the tendrils as it takes hold of the cup, the right "hand" wrapped around the handle and the left embracing it affectionately as it draws the cup up to the void under its hood, sniffs for a moment, and then pours half the cup into the void where the liquid disappears into the abyss. It looks around and listens, attempting to join the conversation.* "I've been known to handle eggs rather well. Omelettes anyone? Eggs Benedict?" (Thanks Dem and Rhannan. Thought it would be a good way to get to know everyone.)
  8. Emanating from a dark corner in some rarely used section of the castle, a portion of the darkness begins to move of its own accord and gain some semblance of solidity and tangibility. There is a brief vacuum as it pulls in air from around it in something vaguely resembling breathing, or perhaps sniffing. "Mm, coffee. I hope there's enough left." The shadowy figure deigns to take on a more or less humanoid shape for the sake of relatable body language while interacting with others and makes for the source of the pleasant aroma. (Anyway, yeah, I'm still floating around/lurking periodically too. Waiting for more people to respond to my Identity topic, hint hint.)
  9. Sorry that I didn't reply to your identity post sooner, and more sorry that only Mr. 2edgey4u replied to what I think is definitely one of the only good threads on here.

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      That's cool. I'm still interested in your thoughts on it if you feel up to it. Hey, I forgot about comments. I tried to send you pm a while ago but it said you couldn't receive private messages. I wanted to share a couple things from my blog I thought you might like.


  10. Ok, "self description" then. I can acknowledge that as a viable way to communicate the concept. As I said, terminology, which is something I struggle with a lot for many reasons some of which are referenced above.
  11. It sounds like we operate similarly, but just have different terminology for it. To me, saying "I am a process of personal growth and self improvement" is still a statement of self-definition, as is saying "I am a black ball of dark energy constantly reaching out for new information and experiences to incorporate into myself". Which when you get past visual symbolism isn't really much different than "a swirl of rainbow colors in constant motion" if you ask me.
  12. Ok, so, one of the main reasons that I came here is to discuss the various ways that we define "identity". What makes a "self"? Of course there is no right or wrong answer. No answer is inherently better or worse than another answer. But by understanding each others' identities, we have a better context for communication, which is to say the exchange of information from one point of awareness to another point of awareness. This exchange of information functions more effectively if it happens within a relatable context to the mental framework of the individuals involved in the exchange. So I'm very interested in discovering the ways others define themselves, so I can better relate to them in the context of their identity and mental framework, and sharing the ways that I define myself, so that others around me can better relate to me. And as I've said before, when your existence consists of a collection of thoughts floating around in a discorporate environment with a lot of other collections of thoughts, having a clear idea of where each thought originates is important to maintaining a sense of internal cohesion. So this is something I think about a lot. Sometimes in words, but more often in wordless concepts, a language of feeling, knowing, and experiences. And oftentimes it's difficult to put such things into words. 3D Human English lacks words for a lot of spiritual concepts, the best equivalents being poetic metaphors and referencing shared experiences. That's why I've been trying to learn Gaelic from Leanan. That language is much more effective for communicating matters of the spirit. To get the ball rolling, here's a few things from mine. Now, you don't have to believe in reincarnation. But I do. My concept of reincarnation also differs from a lot of the more commonly accepted definitions because in my experience the mind and soul are not necessarily confined by the laws of time and space, but that's a discussion for another time. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, I've passed through enough different incarnations to know that who I am is not tied to a particular physical form. So saying that what happens inside my body and within this lifespan is me and what happens outside my body and before or after I was born and died is other doesn't exactly work in that context. So that's out. By that same token, names and faces are not a big part of how I identify myself, or others. I've gone through too many of them for them to have a particularly strong meaning for me, even in this life. Words and symbols evolve and acquire new connotations from usage as they are associated with positive and negative concepts in the context of conversations. Sometimes a word can mean something completely different than what it meant a few years ago. So what's more important? The word or the meaning? And when the word means something else, doesn't it make sense to find a new word, to retain the original meaning? Whereas a lot of people in my observation define themselves based on what they are separate from, I in large part define myself based on what I am connected to. There are certain social groups, of which Otherkin are one, that mean a lot to me, and my involvement with those groups forms a large part of my identity. Again, there's nothing wrong with the former, it just doesn't work for me specifically. But I also think it's important to know who I am in the absence of others, in the absence of situational context. Who am I when I am alone? Who am I when I don't need to worry about communicating with others in a language they understand? When I don't need to concern myself with what people think and how they will react? However, in large part, the social groups I have chosen to incorporate into my sense of self, are because there is less of a distinction between who I am when I am alone, and who I need to be in the context of societal standards. I generally discover these groups by disregarding societal standards as much as possible (owning property, paying taxes, and generally attempting not to break laws is unfortunately a necessary part of survival in the concrete jungle for the most part as much as I may disagree with the concept of "property", but keeping up with the latest fashion trends, pop culture phenomena, putting on a "customer service smile", and generally "keeping up appearances" is not a survival necessity, my black duster may be old and worn, but it keeps me warm which is what a jacket is supposed to do, and it looks like me which is useful in the context of personal symbolism, and it has sentimental value which for me is a tangible part of my reality), and seeing who's ok with that and who's not. From the people who are comfortable with me expressing myself authentically, and who also feel comfortable expressing themselves authentically, I draw my close friend circle. A lot of people define themselves based on things that they don't have a choice about, that they can say "This is just the way I am". I like to think that I am defined in large part by my choices. I've looked at every "just the way I am" and asked myself "how is that working out for me?" And if I didn't like the answer, I took steps to alter that behavioral pattern. And there are some that I'm currently in the process of modifying. It's an ongoing process of self improvement and personal growth. I know I've already emphasized the point, but again, nothing wrong with the former, just not my personal method. But at the core of my decision making process, there is "What I am trying to do". The magic words. For me, that's probably the thing that most strongly defines a self. We're talking about motivation, intention, sponsoring thought, personal values. "What's my motivation?" That really hasn't changed much for me, I've just by necessity altered my actions in the context of the current situation to better accomplish what I am trying to do. And sometimes I'm just killing time until the next big plot point. But explaining what I am trying to do is a mite complicated, and requires a lot of communication just to establish a relatable context within which to describe it. If you can figure that one out, then you've got a good idea of whether what they are trying to do is compatible with what you are trying to do, and whether you can accomplish it more effectively by pooling your efforts. And that's also a large criterion by which I gauge what groups to belong to. So that's a little piece of me. How do you define yourselves?
  13. I really liked your reply too Draken. Personally I think I've managed to extrapolate two primary focal points of most human systems of ethics. Try not to intentionally hurt anyone, and don't force anyone to do something against their will (unless they are in turn hurting people or imposing on free will, of course). I think those are things most of us would agree on. And beyond those two truths, everything else is just a matter of personal preference. So it would be pretty safe to say "do what you enjoy, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or impose on anyone's free will", in my opinion. If only more people could figure that out, then maybe we could actually make a beneficial and lasting change in the world. The blessing and curse of not fitting in is something I've dealt with a lot over the course of my life. Especially my professional life as an entertainer. There needs to be enough familiar symbolism to establish a context for understandable communication, but there needs to be enough new and unfamiliar concepts to hold an audiences interest, and balancing what is comfortable and familiar with what is new and different is a big part of being an effective artist. It's very rare that I mesh completely 100% with any large social group. There's always some sticking point that can be emphasized if someone wishes to sow dissension between me and the rest of the group, even the ones that I feel closest to. I don't fit completely with D&D nerds because I'm not a stat junkie. For me it's always been more about communal storytelling, psychological profiles of the characters, exploring xenopsychology, and seeing how these characters react to various stimuli over the course of the story. I don't fit completely with "ascension whores", because I don't think that covering our ears and singing "lalalala I can't hear you" when confronted with anything that might cause a negative emotion and "lower our vibrational frequency" is the path to enlightenment. Enlightenment is for me a state of heightened awareness, and willfully closing myself off from any particular stimuli is detrimental to that heightened state of awareness. And so on and so forth. But in general, I try to emphasize the "similar that binds" as Rhannen stated so eloquently in her poem "Know Me", rather than focusing on disagreements.
  14. All good advice. I definitely agree that it's important to keep in mind that we are -more- than just a label. But I still think labels are useful sometimes. I deal with a lot of people in the music biz who have an aversion to labels. Most of them are punk or alternapop, lol. The way I see it, I can tell someone "I'm a metalhead", or "I'm a goth", and then they have some basis for what to expect when they come and listen to me play. But time and interest permitting, I'll inform them that I have a lot of influence from baroque, modern classical, free form jazz, psychadelic, hippy jam bands, and so on and so forth. And sometimes in the Otherkin community, saying "I'm a shadow" is a shortcut to giving someone an idea to base our initial interactions off of rather than "I'm a discorporate entity from a realm of pure consciousness with an affinity for darkness and chaos (plus all the things that darkness and chaos mean to me), so that they can decide whether it's worth the trouble of getting to know me, which can be kind of an ordeal if you're not informed and prepared for it, and sometimes there just is no such thing as "ready" when it comes to touching minds with me. But again, time and interest permitting, I'll explain that there's a lot of ways that I'm kind of an odd duck for a shadow.
  15. Maybe it's me being self absorbed, but my favorite characters tend to be the ones I relate to (and in some cases believe that I was in another life/dimension, but that can be taken with a grain of salt as far as anyone else is concerned). The Phantom Opera Ghost, V from V for Vendetta, the title character from The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft, and the protagonist from Optional Music for Voice and Piano by Poppy Z. Brite. Aside from the aforementioned, for the most part my favorite characters don't tend to get a lot of time in the spotlight, probably because their psychology is for the most part unrelatable to society at large, like the masked cloaked figure in "Spirited Away", and Abnaxus of the Vanaar in the video game "the Longest Journey" who comes from a race that perceives time in a wholly different manner where everything's happening all the time, sort of like the Tralfamadorians from Slaughterhouse Five. As for actors, Robin Williams and Jack Nicholson represented the polarities of my interests for a long time, good old fashioned wacky off the wall funniness, and the "magnificent bastard" archtype i.e. relentlessly unscrupulous and self serving but does so in such a charming way that it's hard for them not to be a lovable character despite their flaws. Also agree about Sean Connery and Johny Depp.