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    I write poetry every day as well as draw. Singing is another thing that os wonderful to me.

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  1. I feed off of a person's sexual energy. I have an addiction to it now a days though because of the feeling. It's only by sexual contact usually though that I can feed.
  2. I have to mostly have both kinds of physical contact whether sexual or not.....
  3. Um... I agree with Demovora.... No blood.....
  4. Well I'm an incubi, but its that I haven't had any sexual energy from anyone in months, and its giving pay back I don't know what to do..... there's not many who understand around my area...
  5. I need help.... I haven't had any in a few months and the control is gone....
  6. Demovora you're an interesting and wonderfully person :)
  7. I believe marriage is good for me if I find the right one :3
  8. Yay! We got a POPO!!!
  9. Baby what of me?! I'm not mundane!! I'm yours and yours alone :3
  10. I live any where and I'll die due to over heating
  11. <3
  12. I got one thanks to you baby
  13. So basically reincarnation?
  14. Syr you kinda make me laugh :)
  15. Very interesting thoughts you have.... Everything you said is very much like me in a way....