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  1. Nox
  2. Personally I don't believe I will ever meet my soulmate, if I even have one. This person could be anywhere in the whole world, could have lived before I was born and not yet been reborn, or could be any age, four for example. Im not a cynical person, but if I find happiness with someone who is not my soulmate, why would I give that up for some random person I may never meet? Or may not even like. Being soulmates is fine, but they would still have to be someone I could get along with. Just because we are soulmates does not mean I would get along with them, or they me. This person may not be able to stand me. Or might already be in a relationship, married etc. What right do I have to destroy a happy relationship (or potentially so) just because? No reason is good enough to do that to someone.
  3. I have two books on the go at the moment to make up for college making it so I couldn't read at all :). The first is Wind Warrior and since Im only two pages in I cant tell you really what its about. Mostly because I dont know yet. The other is called The Venus Conspiracy, which is about a man who figures out how synthetically create love. In a bid to not have his discovery misused he goes to a private bank to have his work funded. As it turns out being able to make people fall in love isnt that great a thing. Which nobody saw coming right? Lol. Im really enjoying it.
  4. I dont know if anyone here owns a Kindle or similar tablet device, but does sales on downloadable books. I think its great, and you can get books for free a lot of the time. You have to register but its free and Ive got two really good books for free out of it so I thought I would share.
  5. Death Note :). Matsuda was great. I watched Yugioh season 0 too, but I dont like the others. Full Metal Alchemist seems to be quite good but Im only about half way through so it may go downhill. Armstrong is hilarious.
  6. Starseed sounds like it could be a flower. A silver and white five petalled one :). I may draw that later and post it up if no-one objects. I googled starseed and got a fictional novel, and another article suggested they could be walk ins. One I read referred to them as starborn, which if you go scientifically would be everyone if you take into account where all the elements that make us come from. Other than that it seems to be a term used for Aliens. I found a reference to Arcturians on a Star Trek page and a few others that say that Arcurians are energy beings that exsist metaphysically on the fifth plain of existance. I dont know if thats helpful at all but thats what I found :)
  7. I just call her Luna. But Ive not really done very much that would need the distinction. I wasnt really aware that it mattered if I'm honest. It's interesting though. What kinds of spells need the distinction? Or is it for planting reasons?
  8. I love that song. It's really good dance music :). "Keep on Walking" and "Panic Cord" by Gabrielle Aplin. They suit the mood Im in at the moment.
  9. Personally I do not believe in hell. I believe that my spirit will move on and I will be re born as something else. My transgressions in this life will be judged in this life by the laws and people of this life, be it the police, the court, a jail or simply the people around me. Certainly there are people I believe deserve a worse fate than the one they are meeted out by a court judge, but I cannot believe any higher power would want any being to "burn in the fires of damnation for all eternity". Everyone makes mistakes. As I don't believe in hell I don't believe demons come from hell at all. To me they would simply come from a different plane of existence to me, and call it whatever they wish to call it or see it however they see it, but as I do not identify with being a demon I don't know.
  10. Indulgence
  11. Mystery
  12. You call me a B***h like it's a bad thing - Halestorm
  13. I always imagined they would tuck their legs up, the way birds do. Don't have a clue if thats right, it just looks cool in my head.
  14. It's not happy, it's not even all that good, but I'd love your opinions on it. Take a look out through your windows And tell me what you see, Take a look out through your windows Tell me that's what's meant to be. We're not alright and nor's the world, That's just another lie. We're not alright and nor's the world, Are we going to die? Don't dare you tell us all your lies, We know somethings wrong, Don't dare you tell us all your lies You've lied for way too long. We're not so blind we cannot see What's really going on We're not so blind we cannot see That everything's gone wrong. How did we mess up again? And will we ever learn? Why did we mess up again? Because of us this world will burn. Our time is up, so take a bow, We all know what happens now Armageddon came to us There's nothing left here to discuss, Push your buttons, push them hard Live whats left, forever scarred, "Between us we killed humanity", But.... We deserved it didn't we? Thanks ShadowedBelief
  15. Magnito