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  1. I like Japanese
  2. I love anime :) There's this "new" series (2011) by the (crazy) guy who made my favorite tv series Revolutionary Girl Utena, a feminist, "cracked-out," action, magical girl, romantic, perverted anime about a girl who wants to be a prince and fights Satan. Yeah. I watched all of his new series, Mawaru Penguindrum in two nights. It starts off normal enough... kind of... but then it gets incredibly disturbing and random and "cracked-out" and I cannot stop talking to people about this series. It impacted me a lot!! I don't know how o_o... exactly... but it had a huge influence on me in some way. Ishaan
  3. I hate lying. I think it's partially the Sidhe in me :) I love telling the whole truth, but it can be socially awkward. Ishaan
  4. Hi I had dream of being chased for years and years. One day I sat down and looked up in a few dream dictionaries what "being chased" means, and read that it can mean that you're running away form a part of yourself that wants to be integrated into your whole. Interesting that when he caught you he took you to "Heaven." Don't know what that means Ishaan
  5. Yes :) I tried to save them many a time. They kept dying before I could reach them. Well, being slaughtered. Those were terrible times.