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  1. I have to agree with Jalyndre. It depends on what you understand about the definition "magic" and the definition "earth", and in the sense of combining the both. Well, I am "working" with the natural elements which does not refer only to earth but also to water and air. I have to admit that I avoided fire so far as it seems not to be "my" element. Concerning "working" I understand a balancing between the elements and myself or other living beings as a cosmic oneness. To use elements to help others and myself, to exchange enery, to find energy, to transform it into others or into me. Manipulate them for good purpose or to increase own or others energy. To absorb surplus energy of elements. I also work with wild plants for healing purposes but do not consider this as magic but as "medicine". I use to communicate with plants, especially trees and animals on a telepathic basis but do not consider this as magic also. It is communication. Really, I do not know what else to say. Probably there is a lot. The only is a cannot do without "fresh air". I cannot find my dreams without the murmuring of water. I cannot find comfort and strength without my old oaken friend behind my home. I would suffocate in a concrete skyscraper. But what is magic?
  2. There are many references to the Bible as well, not only mythology. But there are a lot of countries having their famous "giants"; I think that the origin might be biblic. Here is a little quote that gives strong reference to it: QUOTE: There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (Genesis 6:4) I see this as a reference to the Nephilim. The so-called sons of God (I rather would see them as creations of god) are a reference to the Angels. Those that have been banned from heaven (so-called fallen ones) came to earth and mingled with the daughters of men and their children were giants.....the race of the Nephilim. Very famous offspring is Goliath, that have been slain by David. Also famous giants through all countries throughout the history. Mostly they appear in some kind of folk tales and mostly western countries folk tales. There is the saying about Finn McCool in Ireland and Grendel in Sweden etc. And they are really men of reknown. The founders like Lucifer and the giants mentionned. They became legends and national positive and negative aspects.
  3. Sounds great Adapt, but tell me one thing, please: Why do you thinking about candles when it comes to survival? What about a nice fire with dry branches? It will give you warmth, it will cook your meal, it will give you light and it will scare wild animals away. Of course you should light the fire the "old way". I just learned it either by clashing two stones together to initiate a spark or to by ribing timber.
  4. Thanks, Velvet. As I had no friends to talk to this was one of the only ventils I have had to let out my feelings, so I started very early with this, rather to use it as a monologue than to please others. But nowadays, I feel honoured when others are pleased by it also :)
  5. You are right, very seldom the words shadow and ghost are combined. Mostly people are confronted by regular shadow beings, shadow people like the "man with hat", "the old hag" and some other beings. It turns to be into a ghost when there is movement involved that cannot be explained, e.g. poltergeists (ghosts) cause switches of TVs, dripping of water taps, open drawers etc. And the movements of my bed caused me to call it a ghost rather than a regular shadow person. The energy of a deceased my be called ghosts by some, by may also be called by spirit by others. It is some form of gathered energy and that we all have in common: Energy are our soul, energy are otherkin, energy are ghosts and spirits, energy is the nature and the elements around us. All is made of energy. I would go as far as to say: Without energy - no existence (no life).
  6. I would suggest: Please do not doubt on what otherkin people say who are already long time aware of what they are. The thing that should not be is to make others believe that they are like themselves. As humans are different, otherkin are different as well. Probably this kin was right about the own kin but not right about another one. I, as an elf, have stated feel more drawn to celestial beings like angels or animal beings like the Pegasus and unicorns and tree/plant/water (elemental) spirits. There is rather less connection I feel with Therians and/or vampires. I do not know why but that is just my feelings - not to generalize again. Even another elven race or even another one of my kind may have another opinion about what is right and what is wrong.
  7. Thanks for your advices. Yesterday I posted my shadow ghost experience in the "Spiritual Dimension" as it depends how you see a shadow. As an experience, I have put it in there. As discussing a fellow otherkin I would have done this in the Immortal Forces. Nevertheless immortal is relative. We are all immortal to a certain extent. It is our soul that lives on and on, different lives, different ages, which is immortal. Not so our body. It is only material existing for just one period of life. In your next lives you will never get the same body again. It is subject to desintegration - and even if you puzzle it together again - it will never be the same, as it was torn and now puzzled together ;) I think it might be real that Irish people are deriving from the fae but I do not know as I have no Irish relatives nor predecessors - but I like Irish mythology and have read a lot about the Sidhe and the most I like is the Banshee with her carriage drawn by 8 black horses :) You cannot generalize it and say everybody who is sensitive to light and sun is a vampire. I would rather tend to say that every being accustomed to night life is sensitive to light and sun. There are a lot of kin perhaps as I know it from vampires, Therians (wolves and felines especially), certain types of elves, some types of imps and gnomes - probably others as well that I do not know specifically. It took at last three years to find the right kin as I was mislead by a "two-faced" angel first that appeared in a dream vision to me, but usually I got my kin experiences by astral travelling during deep meditation and there got other impressions and relied more on this as the experiences deepened and more and more things coming together like a puzzle. That "angel-thing" would not have worked as nobody can be Michael and Raphael in one being. I was mislead perhaps by my own illusion as I wanted to help and heal people but had to fight to make people realize - and that probably produced that Raphael (Healer) and Michael (fighter) appearance with great black wings.
  8. When I was 8 years old a 4 years hauting of a shadow ghost began. He visited me regularly every night, no matter where I have been (also when I changed location). Me was the only one who could see him. When I turned on the lights, he disappeared and came back when I turned them off. It was a great black man. I can only recognize forms and gestures by a lighter grey outline. His usual place was at the end of my bed to my feet. Always he burried his head in his hands as if weeping. His coming was accompanied with strange movements of my bed, like being thrown from one side to the other. I had the strange feeling the bed would topple down. When I was 12 he left as sudden as I appeared. Of course, I did a lot of research what his being around me might have meant. At least I found my resolution - when asking investigators there came so many different infos -. Probably a watcher, wanted to learn. A guardian, keeping me safe. A ghost needs help I could not give him. My own psychokinesis in reference of the toppling bed etc. I think - my resolution - that it was an announcement, someone like an ambassador, because shortly afterwards was the beginning of my awakening. Probably you have some experiences and theories to this as well. Looking forward to an exchange.
  9. I had my awakening with 12 after I have been visited by a shadow ghost that began frequenting me when I was 8. Even if there are different explanations for its presence around me, I myself see it as an ambassador who was announcing what was coming. I am elvenkin, a shadow-elf. In different phases I am very far from thinking human and I consider humanity from a neutral position as not belonging to it. Sometimes I have no good words for the self-destructors.... Well, I am of the genetic type. I am very slow aging being always taken younger than I am in this life. Besides I have the ability of healing myself and am also capable of communication with trees and nature on a telepathic way. I have extreme vision but extraordinary night vision. And feeling strongly empathetic for all beings around me. Living in concrete cities is making me sick, so I cannot. I need my trees around me. I remember several past lives where I had been living in a cave during the day and coming out at night when moon and stars were there, enjoying the nature. That is why I still avoid sunlight and extrem daylight wearing sunglasses in different shades throughout the day to protect my light-sensible eyes. My usual body temperature is below the human one. I have already high fever when it only starts with humans. Hot temperatures are a problem, too. It depends how warm it is but the circulation goes down till unconsciousness. Finally, I do not know where to post additional information concerning e.g. my shadow ghost experience and coming to deep meditation by fleeing the world around me when I was a the beginning I was more out of my body than in it because I could not identify and disliked it. At last, I have learned to like it. I cannot say "love" as I have no reference to any material substance that is subject to desintegration. There is a little description how the cave in the wildernis has looked like: I remember a comfortable cave hewn in a big rock at the foot of a mountain. Outside of the cave is a vast green grassy place. There are entangled trees with bizarre growth with huge branches like fingers like building a wall of protection. A little lake is situated inmid the trees and a little flow take its way towards "nowhere". I cannot make out the end of it. The flow is more a torrent and wild. A lot of different sounds from birds can be heard. And I remember one name and an event: The name was Giordano. It belonged to a human whom I saved his life. He was robbed and nearly beaten to death when I found him lying in front of my cave on the meadow place. I took him with me in my cave and cared for his wounds by use of my healing ability to accelerate his recovery. When he regained consciousness again, I told him something about me and my life. He noted everything down. I did not know what happen to Giordano and his notes because I never saw him again in that nor in previous or following lives.
  10. But I know there is another world Some time in infinity. Some time I will meet you again, In the light dwelling of continuity. I lay at the creek and think of you, Not far from me you are standing. The water is quiet, Your leaves do not rustle, Silenced in my heart as well Every day's pain neverending. You give me strength, You comfort me, Also in the greatest need. My thanks are yours, My good friend, my tree, Forever, Never I would like to miss you. You are the ashes, Burnt in many dreams. But from your ashes, The diamond is forming itself. I hold a diamond into the starlight, Move myself to its radiance. How the light breaks itself in that stone! But I know there is another world Some time in infinity. Some time I will meet you again, In the light dwelling of continuity.
  11. So, I see, this cat is your spirit guide :) Beautiful poem, Rhannan.
  12. Very interesting short story. Thanks for sharing, Melari.
  13. Those two are great, Zygo. I like them.
  14. I do not know if you can call it fantasy/sci-fi but I have read the classics like Frankenstein by Shelley, Dracula by Stoker, The Vampire by Polidori, Carmilla by LeFanu, Melmoth the Wanderer by Maturin.
  15. "Battle metal" by Turisas.