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  1. I vote Yay too. I think it would be great to be able to catch up on some of the things I've missed in there.
  2. Thank you Zygo. @Bran. If you want to post something interesting here you could try answering the question from your point of view instead of just picking at what the others have already put and making them feel like they must defend their views and beliefs to you. Since I have no personal belief in Demons I cannot define the term for you. The idea was for everyone to tell me their idea of Demons and where they came from. No-one else seems to have had any trouble understanding what I was asking. I am not interested in your ideas of christianity that was not the point of this thread, and no thank you, I have no interest in learning about what long dead scholars and boring old papery skinned ancient people think/thought about Demons. I am only interested in the member's thoughts on the subject. I dont want to be preached at, lectured or made to feel inferior simply because I asked a question. All I want is your personal opinion, without prejudice and without grandstanding.
  3. Excuse me but this is my thread. Your arguing back and forth is unpleasant and pointless and now no-one will even remember what my original question was all about. Since it's obvious that neither of you has anything interesting to say please go away. If you want to keep on arguing please start your own thread and do it there.
  4. Happy Australia day Mog. How do you celebrate it, do you have parties and days off work and things for this?
  5. Is there any way of getting more down time in the forum chat room before it kicks me out? Sometimes I just read what the others are saying but if I'm not active I get kicked out after about 15-20 minutes and when I get back in all the conversation is gone and I can't pick up the conversation. Is there any way to make the time longer and make the conversation not just vanish once I leave please?
  6. Thanks for the warning
  7. Oh dear. I don't go to these types of places and if this is the kind of problem it causes I don't think I'm going to bother. It doesn't sound very friendly. This kind of thing makes me feel bad.
  8. When you introduce yourselves to people on a forum do you all debate over who gets to say hello or do you have a nominated person to step forward and be the official greeter?
  9. I haven't any memories to share either, so we're definitely in the same boat there, but I don't know what I am yet I just have this deep down feeling that I'm other. It's not really about what I feel it's about what I don't feel. People talk to me, especially my family, they tell me how things are with them and I don't understand any of it. They tell me what it's like to be them and live their lives and it's like hearing someone reading a story about some far off galaxy that has no relation to the things I feel and think and the knowing I have inside about myself. I watch people, constantly, I'm stalking the whole human race in an effort to understand them, but I can't. I watch what they eat, the way they dress, the way the act and especially the way they treat each other and I feel absolutely no connection to any of it. Because of all this I believe that although I might never get any memories that tell me what I was, or even if I was, and I might never know what I am, I already know what I'm not.
  10. I was ok with the other one and Ill be ok with this one too.
  11. You guys are funny.. I'll help you defend your stash Mog.. For a very small percentage of what we save of course.. My rates are very reasonable.
  12. I read somewhere that dragons are the guardians of the portals between worlds and dimensions. Can't remember where though unfortunately.
  13. If you read through the stories you have written already that might bring back your style and your creative flow. Good luck with the writing and the wedding plans.
  14. I am not an expert on anything kin related, I'm not even sure I am Kin at all, but I thought I'd mention this anyway. You said that you were still angry but you'd pretty much forgotten why you'd gotten angry in the first place and started to feel homesick so you thought you'd go back, but it didn't work out so well.. Have you thought that maybe one of the reasons it didn't work out was because it was still all about you? It was all about how you felt and what you wanted. What got you into this in the first place was thinking all about you and only about what you wanted. Maybe you won't get to go back until you stop focussing on what you want and start thinking about what might be wanted from you.
  15. I have a long list of probably very obvious questions but I don't know the answers so I'm going to ask anyway. Why only nine, is there something special about that number to the Norse people? Could you talk more about how you think the wormholes might be joined by the entity, what kind of entity do you think it is and what hidden way are you talking about?