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  1. Happy Winter Festival and whatever else anybody here celebrates!
  2. Please help! I preordered the Spyro Reignited Trilogy earlier this year, and now that it's finally out, it is not downloading because it is under the false impression that there is not enough free space. It's only 32GB, and I have more than that available in system storage. Does anybody else have this same problem? Where is it actually downloading to that it thinks there's not enough space for it? And where is the 'downloads' tab on a PS4? Edit: After considerable digging, I found the downloads section, and I also found out that PlayStation Store was lying to me. It's not 30GB, it's 70GB! So be prepared to give up one or two games if you want to play it. I do seriously recommend playing it though. Played for about half an hour myself and can't remember the last time I had this much fun playing a game! This thread is open for talk about the game if you all want to, I just had an issue that I was having trouble resolving is all.
  3. Yeah, you should be fine for space then. I've got 8 games on mine, including this one. I think the graphics are good; it's obviously cartoony and I would compare it to the look of the Clash of Clans commercials. I does extra details that the originals didn't do. The dragon encounters for example are a lot more animated and have more character, and when Spyro breaths fire it burns the ground in front of him. Also, Spyro is super adorable!
  4. I'll stand behind this incredibly cute and edible army you've assembled. Wouldn't want any of them to get a silly idea like retreating now would we *Licks lips*
  5. I considered correcting that assessment, but then I thought about how I've been living off of pepsi, and I realize it might be true. Dragon blood is caffeine!
  6. @Rhannan We might have to agree to disagree. I'm talking from my own experiences where what was quite possibly the best relationship I will ever have came to an end because I was stupid enough to listen to my father, a man who was at the time married to a complete ****, and who cheated on his wives frequently because of some psychological issue. And then after I break up and burn my bridges, that's when my father tells me I shouldn't have listened to him. But you do have good points about listening to family, and given that mine comes from a mixture of regret and daddy issues, I'd say take my advice with salt.
  7. I guess I do have some dating advice. I know this is about 'otherkin dating' but my first piece of advice would have to be don't restrict yourself to just otherkin partners. From personal experience I can say I've had low compatibility with every dragoness I've spoken to. Really I would say to keep your options open, be friends with people you find attractive regardless of if they are kin, therian, trans or sis human, and gage through conversation who among them would be open to the idea of having an otherkin partner. Not only is that good for finding out who you can be open with, but it also allows you to figure out who you are truly compatible with. My next piece of advice is don't treat your partner like an item. Don't think of your boyfriend/girlfriend as some object in your life that exists when you want them too - if you really feel that way about them, you shouldn't have them. They are your friend, one of your closest, and it's important to treat them as such. On that same note though, pay attention to your partner. If it seems like they aren't interested or only want you around part of the time, then it's not a good relationship and you should stop dating them. My final piece would be don't listen to your parents. Sounds odd, especially with all the lame romance stories about a girl dating a jerk and figuring out he's a jerk only to run home crying that her parents were right, but in my experience, parental advice should be taken with a barrel of salt. Think about it, if you don't trust your family to respect you for your kin self, why would they have the ability to decide what partners would be right for you?
  8. Hello everybody. I decided to start this topic for a way of giving a shoutout invite to the castle whenever one of us has a game they want to play with others. Not sure how effective it's going to be since we all like our privacy, but worth a shot regardless. So Guns of Icarus Alliance comes out on the PS4 in a month, and I was wondering if anybody here would like to form a crew, understanding that the game is multiplayer where communication is critical to success.
  9. Bigger than 85%!? That was me being charitable! I only had two cookies left and I tried to bribe you with one of them.
  10. Who said anything about contraband? These are not smuggled, and completely legit. Besides It's not like I don't pay a toll, when Mog checks, he will find 10 new cookies in his hoard and not a crumb unaccounted for.
  11. *Offers cookie to Rhannan* Are you sure it's not allowed?
  12. *Sneaks cookie to Styxan* Here, eat this before Mog shows up.
  13. I think I could use the advice far better than I could give it. Well, except don't online date. Meet people in person so you can confirm they are who they say they are.
  14. My apologies ahead of time, I wasn't sure where this topic would be best placed so I posted it here. I don't know how many here watch Game Grumps on Youtube, but as I was watching their bloodborne walkthrough they brought up Otherkin. Of course they know about as much about it as any human outside the loop, but I decided it wasn't going to offend me because they were just discussing something they didn't really understand - unlike the comments filled with ignorant asses. I'm rambling though, and the point of this topic was just a worry. If Otherkin and Therian are known to youtube channels, and news spreads faster than the speed of walking, how long is it going to be before we become common knowledge? How long is it going to be before harassment comes as more than internet trolls and cyber bullies? How long is it going to go on for? I can only imagine a 'no one needs to know who I am' mentality might be best to avoid being criminalized by self-glorifying haters that are around. Are my concerns justified or am I just freaking out over ripples in water? What does everyone here think about this?
  15. Personally, I've never had good relationships with kin, and my only experience has been with dragons. Apart from one being a 16 year old guy in real life - an event that ended my attempts at online dating - I never seem to click with anyone. Then there are times when our own views on the world make us incompatible even as friends. I've never had a relationship with kin in real life.
  16. Media coverage is stupid. We have more knowledge at our fingertips than we've ever had in the past, but people are less educated than they've ever been because those in power want to keep the sheep under their control. I expect it's a really easy task when so many of them think the Earth is flat. Really that just shows that people will only believe the statistics and evidence that they want to believe. They may be all for the idea of Otherkin being another term for 'furry' as well as being psychotic, obese children. Then of course you have the TQ community who are sometimes looked at much like the Otherkin. And rather than be supportive, these crybabies try to claim themselves completely legitimate and backed by 'scientists' - last I checked, science defines gender by chromosomes - while Otherkin are illegitimate and deserving to be ignored because it's a completely different situation. Honestly, it is a completely different situation. These people who are the wrong gender are in such turmoil because they don't like their genitals. They, much like every other sis-human, will never know the agony that comes from having the mind/soul of a superior creature, sometimes even god-like in nature, and being trapped in a weak human shell. So obviously, I would love if people would take Otherkin far more seriously, and find ways to give people species changes just like they give away sex change operations. I would love it if I could get an operation to change my entire physical body into that of a dragon, complete with the muscles and physical structure to be able to fly. That would make me so happy! @SimaraI would not be so quick to rely on YouTube. I've seen people talking about their awakening and their kin-selves and getting harassed by commentators about it. I realize comment sections are one of the places where the world's most idiotic come to voice their dim-witted opinions, but it doesn't seem like talking about Otherkin there is the most effective way to educate people.
  17. I like Hall of Spirits as well.
  18. Present Day: Watching youtube and playing videogames 10 years ago: Finding much desired acceptance in a pack of wolves 20 years ago: Wishing I was older 30 years ago: I don't remember. Probably getting told for what reason I was sent to Earthrealm, but the Lithe Barrier is such a pain.
  19. @Rhannan Is it Everything? @Yaakovana TovahIs it Ego?
  20. @Rhannan Yah, Pride was my guess.
  21. Figured I'd start a topic for gamers to give each other help on how to beat various videogames we may be having trouble with, and at the same time avoid the internet trolls who drop unhelpful ego bombs like 'yah that was easy; maybe you should get good.' I do have a problem that's been stressing me out in Smash Bros Brawl, and that is fighting Crazy hand. My problem is not in fighting him, it's getting to him in the first place. The requirements for getting the Master/Crazy fight are to play on hard or higher in classic, and get to the final battle without using a continue. Now that's challenging, but it's doable; the real problem comes from the third criteria: reach the final battle within 9 minutes. That means I have to fight through 11 stages in under a minute a piece! Because of the game's legitimate issues - particularly overpowered shields and enemy AI refusing to get knocked off the map - all of my time gets eaten up before I even come close. I feel like Ganondorf could do it since he hits so hard he's practically a one punch knockout, but he's also really slow and I'm not good with him. The characters I am good with are Pit, Bowser, DK, Pikachu, and my best character Wolf. So does anyone else here play Brawl and can give me some advice for how to reach Crazy Hand? What character did you use? Is there some fast smash strategy I should know about?
  22. I like the idea behind the Rainbow Hall name, but it does seem like a somewhat out of place name for anyone who doesn't know the context. It's up to you I think, but I do like the idea of having 'spirit' in the name.
  23. Do any of these sound good? Soul chamber Hall of Spirits Last Wishes Spirit's Keep A Social Taboo Sacred Ground
  24. @Yaakovana Tovah If memory is the answer then that's the answer, but do you mind explaining how it's the answer to that riddle? Maybe it's just me, but I can't make any connection. And for this new riddle, I'm guessing Pride.
  25. LOLXD Intelligence! Trying to guess with things that might fit as answers, but I'm having a very hard time rounding it down.