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  2. I think, "magic" is unexplained science. Though i do deeply wish it was real. In a sense it kind of is, its just not as we imagined it, that guy expelling light from his had, is actually holding a tiny battery power torch. Some people call the spiritual, magic, but that to i believe we will be able to prove one day.
  3. Somewhere with mountains and Dark forests. Arr you starting your own business Dem?
  4. My grandparents used to have a Soda Stream machine, but you would not catch them making healthy drinks on that one, they used to buy this really thick liquid to make pop...probably stuffed with more chemicals than the cola and what have you that you could buy in the supermarkets, but it saved my grandmother some money and spared her carrying home heavy shopping bags filled with soft drinks in glass bottles. But as for Soda Stream anno 2020 in the hands of a Vampire, I would definitely choose some kinds of berries or cherries :)
  5. This is really for my class in advanced Engish, but I am currently reading Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer and it is fascinating. Think CERN mixed with a What if? idea and neanderthals vs modern humans. It starts with an accident deep inside two mountains where scientists are experimenting with neutrinos and then suddenly something unexpected happens; a rift in the fabrics of the universe happens and two dimensions overlap each other for a brief moment in time. In one dimension the Neanderthal came out as the evolutionary victors, in the other dimension is what the Cro Magon who carried out the be the only human race left on Earth, suddenly the two meet and well, the differences and similarity between the two together with an insight into modern Neanderthal culture makes it a really good read and I am not even halfway through the book yet. However, I have not even had time to read volume 3 of The Complete Elfquest that I bought months ago and when I am to busy to even read my all-time favorite comic series then I know that I am studying/working too hard :/
  6. Been to Wales once myself and well, I do not really recall much of that one visit but I have been told that it is beautiful there. But truth be told, I would not want to live in London if paid to, I am sensing some strange about that city almost as if is being corrupted from the inside out and that worse is to come, two of my closest friends have moved away from London and have not regretted it one moment.
  7. Sorry guys. Yeah dem you had missed it by thet time, it was a lovely day.
  8. I figure i have to keep my cookie vault safe. Curles up next to Dem for a nap
  9. I just realised I haven't read a book for far too long, so I am determined to make this year the year I rediscover my love of books. I decided to start with my favourite memory books from my childhood, so I opened the first of my newly downloaded copies of the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton.. Anyone who wants me will find me curled up by the fire in the Library.. All donations of hot chocolate and cookies would be happily accepted.
  10. Anyone here play Flight Rising? It's an online dragon breeding game, though that in no-way describes the whole of it as it is in depth and really interesting. You can buy, skins and accents to overlay your dragons and apparel too, play games to earn treasure, buy and sell with other players on the auction house to make more currency, and fight in the coliseum to gather dragon food, apparel, familiars and battle stones. Every month there is a new festival to celebrate with chests to find and new apparel and familiars to collect.. Altogether a brilliant way to spend far too much time in a day lol... AND I get to buy and breed pretty dragons.. What's not to like about that? If anyone is interested go here and sign up.. If you do join please don't forget to look me up and send me a friend request. I'm Demovora (of course)..
  11. One of my very most lovely friends got me a soda stream for Winter Festival and oh man I wish I'd bought one of these years ago. With all the chemical rubbish manufacturers are putting in their drinks these days my soda stream will be my best friend from now on (well next best, after the friend who bought it for me anyway! lol).. I fizzy up some tap water, add the juice from a freshly squeezed (pick your favourite fruit here) and drink. So simple, so healthy and really affordable too... What would be your favourite fruit juice to add, or do you have any ready made drinks that are healthy that you can recommend?
  12. Softly nudges Zoochotic out of the way and settles down for a nap..
  13. I have just got back from some time up in the wilds of Wales.. What a great place.. I managed to survive the ravages of storm Brendan and his horizontal hail stones! I even spent some time on the beach (yes it rained and yes it was very cold) lol I just needed to grab some time in the fresh air and open spaces, and I've been looking at work spaces too.. I have a shortlist of places not in towns and these include, the Lake District which mum and I both loved but prices are expensive, North Yorkshire, which has the wide open spaces I need but also mountains and a great public transport system, Scotland which is so rugged and definitely a place to get back to nature in, though that does seem a bit far away, and Wales, which is very beautiful but still reasonable price wise but the public transport system doesn't seem all that great in the more out of the way places... So many things to consider and I have talked about this non-stop for months.. I am sure I am boring everyone I know and my mum is only one talk away from putting names in a hat. lol So I wondered, when you feel the need to escape from it all and spend some time breathing in fresh clean air, where does you heart yearn to be?
  14. But to me technology is one of the main areas where there is no fixed truth, and people can only have their own personal belief.. Things are being improved and upgraded so fast that what a person believes one day can literally be no longer true the next. One person's truth is another person's outdated technology.. lol Hey Simara, Definitely have a lot of the same kinds of experiences with Demons/Angels.. I never generalise because in my experience there are no 'average, normal, people'..
  15. It all comes down to what you mean by magic; I work a lot with herbal lore and for me, there is nothing more natural in the world than drinking some birch bark potion when I got a cold or The Flu, yet somebody once claimed that me working with herbalism was magical due to that it was beyond mainstream, obviously, I disagree with that being magical. I work a lot with tarot, now that I cannot really explain; I know it works but I do not exactly know how...not even after working with divination for well over two in that sense, I might be able to call it magic. But as for energy exchange, psi feeding, sacrificing blood (and yes, I do that with my own blood); it is a thing which connects me to other dimensions. Almost everybody has an astral body which is our bodies on a higher density; basically the higher vibrations hence the faster frequency that they atoms vibrate on the less solid something becomes. The atoms in our blood vibrate on the second highest next to our astral bodies. So the blood in a ritual is a channel, a link to the astral plane and other dimensions beyond that. So i would not even call that magical. But with all that said, there may not be lot of magic in the world from my perspective but there are a lot of intriguing, spiritual and marvelous things; when I look up at the North Star on the night sky I see what I believe to be The Black Sun in germanic mythology - a portal to the home of the gods and goddesses and who knows what lies behind that, most likely more dimensions than we can ever imagine, such as the realm of the dead and those yet to be reincarnated.
  16. I am a pagan and in my spiritual path, Otherkin play a big role in the mythology; there are Draugir which reminds a bit of Vampires, Ellefolket who are Elves, Merpeople, Shapeshifters etc. So I have never experienced any kind of conflict there, in fact, it has helped me a lot to judge the personalities of fellow Otherkin; far from all Demons are evil and I have encountered Angels who were real bastards and I would perhaps have thought differently had a been a christian or what have you,
  17. Nope, not today -Soul
  18. What's to do, what's to do...

  19. *swoops in for the win* Sorry Rhannan you held it for over a year, but all good things must come to an end.
  20. I love stories like this, it's so common for people to find connections between their past, present and future through thoughts and dreams. I would of said it's not evidence of anything, but honestly it's evidence that this sense that others are with us is central to the human experience. Take that for what you will.
  21. Yeah, it's a new cardgame by the original creator of Magic. It's very modern, playing faster than other games but being free for 'turn three wins' and eschewing deck building in favor of unique decks. Our entire group has switched over from Magic to Keyforge but the problem is that Magic is such a juggernaut it's tough for a new game, even with Richard Garfield's name on it, to actually get into the market he created :P D&D is really seeing a resurgence these days as well, but it can difficult enough getting everyone over for regular games, much less something with that kind of commitment!
  22. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad to see you mention paganism as i feel a little bad about having such a strong bias towards a deistic high-god when most of human religion has been just the opposite. Paganism has come back to make some great inroads into the culture and deserves the attention. I also agree on the issue around mainstream religion being dogmatic, it's why I have trouble actually going to church despite my interest. As for truth/belief, this is where my actual psychedelic experience is less interesting than the belief shift after. A few years ago I would never have 'accepted' the statement that we all have our own belief. My argument would have been that things that function are agreeable by people, only things that have no functional impact can be 'personal belief'. The usual example is that no one has their own personal belief in technology. It either works or it doesn't and only something airy and impractical (such as religion) can be personal. Honestly I still feel it's necessary to state this opinion, there is such a thing as 'physical truth' that can preform functions which are universally agreeable, yet at the same time I no longer feel like it's a point worth making. When you say reality requires a frame of reference and people can't understand 'what it is to be you' it strikes me as being closer to the argument about art than technology. Technically art museums are just full of paint and canvas, yet they contain history, culture, emotion and other qualities which are both real and unprovable. It sounds so strange to me to say that reality is more like art than science, but in many ways that starts to feel accurate.
  23. Keyforge is not a game I've heard of but I'm UK so maybe that explains it.. (Will youtube it when I get time). Used to play D&D back in the day but haven't had my cards out for quite a while now, and I've played Magic before but now there's just no time.. Is Keyforge your new crush?
  24. I personally avoid use the phrase 'the truth' as much as possible because I believe each person contains within them their own truth, and that the world is a far different place to each person living in it than any of the rest of us could possibly understand. I use the word belief to express those things that deep inside I feel to be real about myself but could offer no tangible 'proof' of to anyone who does not know what it's like to be me.. In fact without a common frame of reference I couldn't even begin to explain to anyone what it's really like to be me. They just wouldn't be able to understand, any more than I could really understand what it's like to be them, because I'm not them.. We might have some similar experiences, but we would perceive them and react to them differently because we are different people with different views and values. As a Pagan and a practising Wiccan I believe in many Goddesses and Gods not just one.. I have seen some of the things believers in god have done in the name of their deity and have absolutely no interest in any of it... Mainstream religious belief unites it's various followers under different banners, this divides them into different groups where each is taught that all members of the other groups are to be hated, and therefore it is acceptable for any of them to be vilified and persecuted.. In fact the only thing they all seem to agree on is that people like me are evil and therefore damned to a hell we don't even believe in.. I can live with that.. lol
  25. This is the first time I've read this conversation, I really really must try harder.. Congratulations Mog, have you had your big day yet? Did I miss it?
  26. Once a month I have all my friends come down into the city to play games at me and my girlfriend's place. We're all videogamers to varying degrees, but we use to meet up to play Magic: the Gathering. Though a few of them are still really into it, we don't play much Magic anymore. These days it's a wide variety of boardgames, with a game like Magic getting a single round of 'commander' just as we'd play at least one round of anything else. The reason for the switch has been the realizing at just how much there is now in the sort of 'renaissance' the boardgame industry has experienced. There's such a variety of games, with all sorts of new stuff combined with a rediscovery of classics. Even Magic is experiencing it's highest popularity yet with a new online version called Arena. Anyone else playing boardgames with friends? Any other magic or yu-gi-oh players? Anyone tried Keyforge? (he asks hopefully)
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