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  2. Yes. I did end up watching it, but I wasn't impressed. I remember my American History professor in college showing us a film of two men trying to fight a duel with swords. They were very inept an flustered. It seemed a lot more real.
  3. Hello Snowcat, yes I agree and usually it's not a worry but right now it's about all I have so it's become quite important lol Hey Mog. So glad to hear you and your family are well and happy. I hope my business isn't ruined, I think once things get a little less crazy I can find my way back to my dream. Stay safe, all of you x
  4. Too sappy?
  5. Hamilton is now streaming on Disney. I tried to watch it, but it was too sappy. Apparently I need to make another attempt.
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  7. I've been regularly playing dnd for a number of years now, I play a lot of board game like video games, like civilisation.
  8. I am very sorry to hear your business got ruined by all this crazyness. I am very lucky in that inwas able to work from home for 2 months, i am a home body, introvert, dragon, so being at home with almost no contact with people outside of the internet other then my wife, well its been heaven. But i am one of the lucky few. I really feel for everyone whonis suffering.
  9. I hope everyone is still safe, i am lickily in a part of the world that has bearly been touched. That comes with its own issues though, like people not grasping just how severe this is.
  10. I had a dream many years ago, of being a deserter from Napoleon's army. I remember hiding and being terrified. I could hear the soldiers searching for me. I knew if I was caught, I would be taken back and executed.
  11. I haven't been working for a month, so instead of catching up on things around the house, I have been binge watching various Star Trek series. I started with Voyager, and now I'm watching Star Trek Enterprise. I still need to finish watching Star Trek: Picard. I still should get off the couch and do some extra cleaning, but that just isn't fun.
  12. One night, almost four years ago, we stopped west of Albuquerque to look at the stars. The Denver metro area has so much light pollution, that stargazing is difficult. I saw a star formation, low in the sky and to the west, that looked to me, like a bipedal cat on a hunt. I felt like I was being called. That my home world was out there.
  13. Do you ever feel homesick and if so, how do you deal with it? Tonight is really bad, I am currently feeling so lost, alone and in desperate need to connect with other Elves...may they be Fae or Elenari. There is a reason why I have never really been able to connect with anyone in this world, it is not that I have disliked everyone that I have ever met online or offline, but in 99.5% of times that have just not been my people, meaning that deep down no matter how much I have loved and love them then I have always known that I was different from them and since the early 2000´s then I have known why. I am from a race that was never numerous in the first place and most of my people are living off this planet. Envied is not the correct word, because I am happy for Vampires that they have such a strong community or at least that is the impression that I have gotten throughout the years, but my interaction with fellow Draestari has been very limited. There is not a hell of a lot that I can do about that, but making a topic on a board where we can share advice on how to deal with homesickness and how each and every one of us cope with it, is the least that I can do. What I am doing tonight is to watch a video with faces that I would have felt familiar with on another world a long time ago.
  14. Thank you, Dem...I hope that you are safe too, girl :) Had the Corona twice myself, the buggar has two strains... the first time around I barely felt anything but the loss of smell and taste together with a dry cough and a bit of pressure in my rib case, the second time was a bit worse with muscle pains but lasted for fewer days. But it is sure weird going outside, the air is so much cleaner now and there is barely a soul in sight.
  15. I have had an eclectic fluid pantheon for years. I was raised Catholic, but started questioning all of it when I was in seventh grade. It kind of took off from there.
  16. Sanity is overrated. But I understand completely.
  17. Keeping safe and howling at 8 p.m. Italy sings. The United States howls. Ready for things to settle down, but I know it's going to be a while.
  18. Hey guys, just wanting to say I hope you're all well and keeping safe and healthy. Be careful out there people it's a dangerous world these days.. Love you all xXx
  19. Hi Mog.. I was supposed to be starting my own business yes, before the world went to Milton Keynes and everyone was forcibly detained in their homes for the foreseeable future.. Right now I am staying at home like a responsible person, and trying to keep my sanity intact.
  20. I started doing spell work somewhere around age 14 or 15. It was multiple decades later when I realized that I'm Otherkin. I'd had multiple dreams over the years, that pointed to that, but it time for me to put the pieces together.
  21. I think, "magic" is unexplained science. Though i do deeply wish it was real. In a sense it kind of is, its just not as we imagined it, that guy expelling light from his had, is actually holding a tiny battery power torch. Some people call the spiritual, magic, but that to i believe we will be able to prove one day.
  22. Somewhere with mountains and Dark forests. Arr you starting your own business Dem?
  23. My grandparents used to have a Soda Stream machine, but you would not catch them making healthy drinks on that one, they used to buy this really thick liquid to make pop...probably stuffed with more chemicals than the cola and what have you that you could buy in the supermarkets, but it saved my grandmother some money and spared her carrying home heavy shopping bags filled with soft drinks in glass bottles. But as for Soda Stream anno 2020 in the hands of a Vampire, I would definitely choose some kinds of berries or cherries :)
  24. This is really for my class in advanced Engish, but I am currently reading Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer and it is fascinating. Think CERN mixed with a What if? idea and neanderthals vs modern humans. It starts with an accident deep inside two mountains where scientists are experimenting with neutrinos and then suddenly something unexpected happens; a rift in the fabrics of the universe happens and two dimensions overlap each other for a brief moment in time. In one dimension the Neanderthal came out as the evolutionary victors, in the other dimension is what the Cro Magon who carried out the be the only human race left on Earth, suddenly the two meet and well, the differences and similarity between the two together with an insight into modern Neanderthal culture makes it a really good read and I am not even halfway through the book yet. However, I have not even had time to read volume 3 of The Complete Elfquest that I bought months ago and when I am to busy to even read my all-time favorite comic series then I know that I am studying/working too hard :/
  25. Been to Wales once myself and well, I do not really recall much of that one visit but I have been told that it is beautiful there. But truth be told, I would not want to live in London if paid to, I am sensing some strange about that city almost as if is being corrupted from the inside out and that worse is to come, two of my closest friends have moved away from London and have not regretted it one moment.
  26. Sorry guys. Yeah dem you had missed it by thet time, it was a lovely day.
  27. I figure i have to keep my cookie vault safe. Curles up next to Dem for a nap
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