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  2. Yea online dating seems to be a mixed bag from what I've heard. One of my brothers met his wife online and they've been married for a few years now, but then there are always those horror stories you here like I think I'll keep trying the old-fashioned way, thanks. But you never know what input you might be able to give, Draken! I've recently had some useful advice reiterated to me courtesy of the universe.
  3. I think I could use the advice far better than I could give it. Well, except don't online date. Meet people in person so you can confirm they are who they say they are.
  4. I think it is a good idea! I am not the kind of person who needs to be in a relationship in order to thrive, but I can imagine that many teen -and adult Otherkin out there are lonely and would love to find someone who will understand how it feels to be Otherkin and love them as Otherkin. If we can offer them a little help, advice, and insight then it will be great.
  5. I have not thought about that, but you may very well be right, is at least just as good a theory as any other!
  6. Would anyone be opposed to or in support of a kin dating advice thread? We all seem to have our own experiences with this and could possibly provide some input for those who are currently in or thinking of pursuing a relationship. It doesn't need a special spot, the Drawing Room will probably be the best location for it, and it would be a good place for those who have questions just as much as it would be for those who have advice.
  7. Could have been a loved one in a previous life of Luna's come to help?
  8. It's okay, Rhannan I know there are no easy answers to a question of that nature. I am simply interessted in different ideas, thoughts, and theories that people might have here as to what I saw/experienced.
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  10. That sounds like quite the experience and I do wish I had some insight for you. Perhaps he did arrive to help your baby or there could have been something that triggered this apparition to appear. It's always hard to tell when we can't get more information, but based on your description it does sound like a spirit rather than a living person and a trick of the mind. I wish I could be of more help :/
  11. For a long time I have had memories and visions of me being a soldier dressed in a gray uniform and dying in a fire bomb attack. The very last thing that I remember from that incarnation is being imgulfed by flames and a bright white light in my eye sockets. I also believe it is my most recent incarnation, the one just before my current one. And a few nights ago, I dreamt a dream: it was during the last days or rather nights of the 2nd World War. A fellow brother-in-arms (and who I also know in this incarnation) and I were running threw what was left of Hamburg trying to find shelter and when we spoke/shouted it was in German. Houses were bombed or in flames everywhere we looked. Suddenly I heard a plane right above us and I shouted to my friend to take cover. I hid behind what used to bedste a car and the last time I saw my friend in that incarnation was when he was trying to walk over some rubble to reach me. And then...everywhere was imgulfed in flames, my eyeballs melted and as that happend my hand touched the intense heat of the think that was my last moment in that incarnation...nobody could have survived that. I woke up straight afterwards. I have never had an interest in neither the military or it's uniforms. I have however been to Hamburg once in this lifetime and thinking back I found Hamburg quite familiar even though I had never been there before...or so I thought! However this is the first time that I have ever dreamt about a previous incarnation.
  12. As you might know I lost my little life's companion a few weeks ago and this took place two days after her crossing the rainbow bridge... I had runned out of food and was forced to go down to the supermarket and restock. And on my way home I saw something really strange... I have lived for almost 11 years in my current home, I know every creek and crack in the building, and have seen quite a few neighbours come and go: one of them a rockabilly guy in his 20's. We used to greet and talk a bit everytime we met in the yard or in the washing cellar and he seemed like a nice chap. He moved away a few years ago. Never the less, on my way home I saw him, or someone who looked alot like him, come around a corner and walked a few meters infront of me. As we were walking down the my street I was a bit lost in my own world, thinking about what to do with Luna's body and trying to handle my greif...and then I see him stopping at the spot where the fence to the yard stops and the outer walls of the building where I live in begins: he turns to face the wall, takes two steps, and litterally dissapears into the wall!!!! I do believe in ghosts, but with that said, neither do I scream "Ghost!!!" everytime I see a shadow! So my brain begain overloading!!! He looked as solid as a living person belonging to this dimension and dressed in a builder's work clothes. When I first saw him I assumed that he was on the way home from work as the time was around 6.30 pm. And had he stopped and done the same just a few meters further ahead then I could have convinced myself that someone again had left the main front door wide open...but this is not what happened!!!! I then thought based on his appearance that he had been hired to work on or remove the fence and that he had forgotten some tools, gone back to fetch them and walked through a hole in the fence or something like that. But as I reached the fence then I could see that it was the same old fence and all intact!!! There is a small space between the fence and outer wall but it is only a few centimeters wide and thus there is no way that a fully grown man of flesh and blood could squeeze himself through that gap!!!!! Furthermore, there where he dissapeared into the wall leads into my kitchen where Luna's body was lying in the freezer. So who was he? A ghost, a person in another dimension which breifly overlapped with mine or someone to guide Luna into the afterlife (as she was dying I told her not to be afraid and that she was going to Freya in Folkevagn. I also have a friend who is a germanic shaman and who did his to make her passing a gentle one)? Thoughts, please...
  13. I've had a few kin friends in real life, and it was fine, the issue ended up being that university ended and I wasn't going to be able to stay in town anymore. Ultimately we lost touched as things like AIM and YIM lost popularity. That and I stepped off of FB for a while. It can be hard to meet kin in real life unless you meet online first, and it's always hard to judge whether you can believe someone you spoke with online. Thankfully the handful of experiences I've had with that haven't been bad. Once, though there was an issue. It wasn't the person I was meeting up with though, it was that individual's friends that I was being introduced to, who were also kin. They gave me very bad vibes and one of my guides who had decided to be very present for that venture told me, in no uncertain terms, to get out of that situation as quickly as possible. I didn't have the heart to tell my new friend that those people were bad.
  14. Personally, I've never had good relationships with kin, and my only experience has been with dragons. Apart from one being a 16 year old guy in real life - an event that ended my attempts at online dating - I never seem to click with anyone. Then there are times when our own views on the world make us incompatible even as friends. I've never had a relationship with kin in real life.
  15. Maybe it's just the type of people I tend to attract in general then, because it's been like that with non-kin (the one-up thing). And I always seem to be the giver, usually at my own expense financially, emotionally, spiritually...etc. If this current attempt doesn't work out, I think I may just say eff it and no more.
  16. I have got to agree with Rhannan on this one and for the same reason. I have lost count how many fairy royalties, Maharets, and Enkils that I have encounted in various Otherkin forums. I think officially granting fictionkin a room would be like putting up a sign saying "Role Players Welcome", so I no other choice than to vote Nay!
  17. It's strange...I experienced the complete opposite.
  18. Ah, alright. Well, I know that it can be argued that we are all fictionkin, however I've had some...not so great experiences with actual fictionkin. My concern is what we would be opening ourselves up to with an entire room dedicated to that. I've met my fair share of Draculas, werewolf princes, and even Gokus. And there have definitely been a few RPers that have attempted to traipse through our halls before. So, while I hate being the debbie-downer here, it's going to have to be a no from me. I don't have an issue with a thread about it and discussing the topic, I'm just not in love with the idea of an entire room. However, if Timeisindustry would like to create a blog on here and write about it, that would be a different matter since blogs are done on whatever subject the owner of it wishes and it isn't something that can be viewed by non-members. (And I'm not saying I'm not alright with there being fictionkin here, it's just that...personal experience makes me feel a room is a bad idea.)
  19. That is excelent new. Good luck.
  20. I tend to tell only those I get good enough vibes from. As for dating Otherkin, I can't relate because so few people understand me this way, but just last night a partner and I had a night of soul searching...with a happy ending. She has the drive of a rabbit, but she's come to an interesting revelation that she was once Mer-kin and we're comfortable enough we might put a ring on it. She hasnt said no to my proposal either <3 {Swwwoooon}
  21. Ugh sounds terrible. You guys are the only ones I've told and it will stay that way. I'm a Dragon and I horde secrets. Well sort of :p just one of my own, and anyone else who wants to entrust them to me
  22. I've actually found dating other kin to be...frustrating and more difficult than when the topic never comes up. It always seems to be "I'm the special one" or "I'm better than you". And, depending on what kin types you're dealing with, there's always the "well I'm older and more powerful than you". It has almost always turned into a one-up competition.
  23. Another first do's is to be completely honest. Do not try and sugarcoat anything!!!! Demand the same from your partner and if you do not like what you are hearing...leave!!!! As for Vampires: I get along really well with Vampires as long as it is friendship only. At least Vampire men (or rather one paticular)are just too possesiv. Werecats (again one paticular): Are just like cats...terratorial, possesiv, extremely nature loving, not that great when it comes to the erotic side of life or just being friends. Otherkin dating in general: much more tolerant! Nobody will blame you for being weird and demanding you to be like anyone else. An Elf is an Elf, a Vampire is a Vampire, a Dragon is a Dragon...and No one is going to change that!
  24. I have been through the passing of several of our dogs over the years, one was specifically mine but the one I mourn the most passed five years ago in her sleep. I still miss Loki and I know that she comes and checks in on me sometimes. She and I were very attached to each other. They are never just animals, they are family. My cats are my surrogate children and I know that I will be heartbroken when they pass.
  25. lol I've dated a vampire before. It was...well it was novel and a little exciting at first, but he started showing his true colors. Also he was a couple of years younger than me and you'd be surprised just how wide the mental/emotional gap can be between men and women when they're only a few years apart in age. One of the first do's, in any relationship: establish your personal space. I know I am somewhat OCD and possessive/territorial, so when the time comes to move in together I usually have to be very firm about what is and is not ok to mess with. One of my ex-fiances kept leaving his stuff on my altar even though I kept telling him not to. "But it's there and convenient to put my stuff on when I get home!" A) that's what the desk is right there for and b) you don't mess with someone's sacred space! I ultimately had to move it to the spare bedroom before I strangled him.
  26. *hugs tight* Take you time <3
  27. I miss my maternal grandparents, my dog, Flame, who died when I was 11, and my cat, Luna. The death of my grandparents were a blessing in disquise: they were both very ill and in pain. The death of my dog was tragic: he was only three years old when he drowned. And as for me mourning him: at the age of 11, I was told to get over it because he was "just an animal" and that triggered my chronic depressions. Now with the death of Luna, I am extremely fortunate to know people who love animals and understand my grief. So her passing is a bit easier, but as with my dog then I will never stop loving her.
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