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  2. I like Hall of Spirits as well.
  3. I really like Hall of Spirits Rhannan.
  4. I know.. (teehee) I couldn't resist the temptation.
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  6. Today: Drinking and playing games with friends while my girl plays games next to me with friends. 10 years ago: forging friendships with foreigners and practicing another language. 20 years ago: cartoons and some truly close to heart toys. 30 years ago: infinity and a purging cycle of rebirth.
  7. Been trying to expand my musical knowledge of late actually. I never really appreciated the classics, but as I'm getting older, it seems like my taste in music is becoming a lot less rigid. Among them, I've been enjoying Fleetwood Mac. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Today: Currently at work. Afterwards, either play MTG, Battleborn or some other, probably, single player game. 10 Years Ago: On a Friday night? I think I was still playing D&D with my cousins at that time. That or my bff. If not, I was probably on Gaia Online or Xat, being a lurker on 4chan or watching anime. 20 Years Ago: Might've had a sleep over with a cousin at our grandmother's house. We usually played Yu-Gi-Oh or whatever video games were available at the time. 30 Years Ago: Blurry at best. Long before conception. Have no idea if I was somebody else, doing something important or if I was floating around in the Aether.
  9. Present Day: Hosting game night at my place, with probably Homecooked dinner. 10 years ago: Attending game night at my brother's place, still probably making dinner. 20 years ago: Working in the shop with my grandfather, or walking the wild woods on our mountain. 30 years ago: Being shortly pre-conception.
  10. Present Day: Videogames, possibly a glass of wine, homework, some other hobby I've picked up. 10 years ago: If I wasn't working then videogames, reading, the tube, getting drunk either by myself or making the trip downtown to one of the bars. 20 years ago: Reading, being told when I had to go to bed, might've been playing videogames at that point but I don't really recall when exactly I completely hooked. 30 years ago: Whatever infants do???
  11. Present Day: Watching youtube and playing videogames 10 years ago: Finding much desired acceptance in a pack of wolves 20 years ago: Wishing I was older 30 years ago: I don't remember. Probably getting told for what reason I was sent to Earthrealm, but the Lithe Barrier is such a pain.
  12. Just to try and make things a bit more lively around here, I remembered a game from another forum, I once stumbled upon: In all simplicity you write what you would normally have done on a Friday night, going 10 years back in time, for each time such as... Today: surfing Youtube 10 years ago: got drunk in/at The (enter pub name) with some friends. 20 years ago: played video games, until my parents sent me to bed... Etc....etc...etc. But be aware, this will give hints to your true age :-D My turn first... Present day: listening to metal vids or watching obscure movies on YouTube. 10 years ago: working online from home hoping to scrape enough money together to get by on. Provision salary only! 20 years ago: at some black metal -or goth gig and having the time of my life :-) 30 years ago: at some punk gig and having fun as long as no poured beer over my massive mohawk. 40 years ago: pissed off because I had to be in bed by 9pm. Just waiting to be a teenager so that I could do what I wanted...or so I thought. Snuggled up with my dog.
  13. @Yaakovana Tovah: Well, dang it! I'll have to think of something else then... Also, @DrakensonofDrakonis and @MalikLucius: You're both wrong :P
  14. For Rhannan's. ;) Nothing, tra-la-la.
  15. Nope. Nu-huh.
  16. Oops, I meant, in counterpoint to Draken.
  17. @Rhannan In counterpoint to Tovah; "Nothing"?
  18. @Rhannan Is it Everything? @Yaakovana TovahIs it Ego?
  19. Right about the sleep study. Not the riddle xD should've answered on that.
  20. Yea I read about getting past all the mobs to the cleric beast and doing it that way but I couldn't seem to get past everything that's in the effing way. I was actually on the way to open up a short cut the last time I tried to play but ran into a little trouble and died. Might have to try that other way you mentioned the next time I feel like giving it a go. Been binging on DAO for a couple of weeks now, today is the first time in a few days I haven't played, mostly because I had some other things I needed to take care of first. Oh wow! I was right? Hot damn!!! *takes a nap* Ahem: If you've got it you don't want it, if you want it you haven't got it.
  21. There actually are countries to incentivize nap breaks. Science has said before that a nap between 15-20 minutes can help productivity and refresh the mind. They've also been proven to help fight insomnia, dementia and reduce stress. So go you, lol Also, on the topic of Bloodborne, if you want to level up easily, you can do one of two things. The first is running, ignoring everything you see, getting past the mobs and up the stairs to the right to the Cleric beast. Encountering it gives you the first Insight needed to start leveling. The less pain ful way is dropping to the left overhang after the first mob, before the brick hole at the doors. Run past the dogs and into the cathedral. Carefully drop down the two floors and there are rats. They're easy enough to kill. At the end of row of boats, a corpse holds a Madmans Knowledge that will give you Insight as well. May the good blood guide your way!
  22. Oh, well, in that case, I came up with one that's so true it's right, even if it's not the answer Yaakov is looking for: NAP TIME. 'Cause man do you hate it as a kid but miss it when you're older. I wish we could have a designated nap time at work that wasn't our lunch break. Or maybe give us like a two hour break so we can take an hour to eat and maybe run an errand and then an hour to nap. Dude that'd be so awesome. Oh, nap time, how I doth miss thee <3
  23. @Rhannan Yah, Pride was my guess.
  24. I tried Bloodborne but didn't get very far. It was rather annoying not being able to actually level up when starting out. I was pouring my free, non-school time into Witcher 3 but I beat it a few weeks ago and now I've started on Dragon Age Origins finally. Interestingly I made some different choices than what I had figured. Totally going for being queen of Ferelden...... Did we already guess Pride?
  25. It's fine xD my own life has been a bit hectic. Bloodborne swallowed up a good chunk of my time, as well as now playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, ever since it went free on PS4. I think we did guess time...I don't know xD you like tossing that one in. It is not, sadly, correct. Ooooo I liked that one. Sadly, no, tis not correct. Try again please!
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