Welcome to Castle Otherkin
and the Castle Otherkin forum
When you hit your teens (or earlier for some) and you suddenly feel you are 'not right' you will look around you for explanations and validation for your feelings.
Your parents will let you down, probably for the first time in your life and you do not know where to turn.
You are beginning to feel like you might not be human and yet they have spent the whole of your life telling you there are no such things as monsters (vampires, werewolves, elves, demons etc). What are you supposed to do now?
They have left you with no-one to talk to and nowhere to go. You feel lost, confused and alone.

First you must remember that they told you those things because they love you, and because they themselves believe it to be true. They were trying to be kind and protect you from the things that as a small one you imagined were lurking in the dark. They truly thought they were doing what was best for you, and of course they were only doing what their parents did for them.
Anger (at them or other people) is not the answer. Hatred and hostility are not solutions either. You must learn to accept and love yourself for whatever you are, and find the balance inside yourself to live as a member of a society that (if they knew the truth) would never accept you and may even wish to harm you. If you are reading this you have already taken your first step towards being 'otherkin' with all the joys and pain that that entails. Welcome to you. Here you will find 'kin' of nearly every kind. Most are willing to help you and share their experiences with you in order that your journey might be easier. All you have to do is ask. Some important things to know. 1... This is not a site for role playing. We are who and what we say we are.
There is no pretending here. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.
2... We love to meet new people and understand that you may be having a very hard time coming to terms with what you are discovering about yourself. We would be happy to help you in any way, but we are not your punching bag! Please do not come here and take your anger/resentment out on us. We don't like it.
3... In order to be safe please be careful who you tell about who or what you are, even good friends can be shocked and hurt. Even best friends feel fear when confronted by something they do not understand.
4... Now you are here, remember to breathe, (you can do that here) here you can be who you are and as long as you are not aggressive about it you will be accepted.
We are not here to judge and we do not condemn anyone without a really good reason (just don't give us one and you'll be alright ) You can speak your mind and tell us how you feel and know that someone here will understand because it has happened to them too.
5...Nothing you are feeling is wrong. You are not crazy and you are not damned. You are simply different, you are not the same as other people. You are 'otherkin'. It does make you different, it does make you special, but it does not make you better. It doesn't make you superior. Being 'otherkin' is in my opinion, a gift and a privilege, but it is also a responsibility.
It must be taken seriously and treated with gentleness so it will grow naturally into simply being what you are. You do not really need another family (you probably already have one of those)what you need from us is 'Kin'. Kindred are more than family. We are blood. We are there for each other and stand together when necessary. So all I can think of that is left to say is....
Whatever 'otherkin' you are you are very welcome here. Please pull up a nice comfy chair, sit down with some hot chocolate and tell us all about yourself.
Make yourself at home.
We love to get to know new people.